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    Discount Pool Begins A Blog [Press Release]                    Chesapeake, VA Jan 22, 2008  Discount Pool has begun a monthly blog about swimming pools.  "This blog will be for people who have pools and are serious about caring for their pools,"  said Jim Garrison the blogs author. "I will be offering insights to pool care based on things that happen day to day here at Discount Pool You never know what will happen next around here which should make the blogs a lot of fun for the author and the reader," Garrison said.


    Discount Pool Complete Shopping Cart Links [Press Release]                                                                                                                            Chesapeake, VA Jan 8, 2008 Discount Pool has completed updating all the links on its web site to their new shopping cart. "With over 2000 items on our web site and the amount of information that the shopping cart requires to add an item it was a very time consuming task that involved more that half our staff," said Jim Garrison Team Leader. "But it is done now and we are looking for new items to add to our web site," said Garrison.


    Discount Pool Intalls New Shopping Cart [Press Release]                                                                                                                             Chesapeake, VA April 2, 2007 Discount Pool has installed Squirrel Cart on it's web site.  "Squirrel Cart has the ability to offer our customer more options at checkout time," said Jim Garrison Team Leader.  "Squirrel Cart has the ability to give customers more shipping options with UPS at check out in addition to the ability to check the status of their order within the Discount Pool system," said Garrison.  "Customers can also track their packages with UPS from our site," Garrison continued, "We feel that Squirrel Cart was an excellent value for the price we paid!"


    Discount Pool Back On Line [Press Release]                      Chesapeake, VA April 1, 2007 After being off line for three months because of problems with their domain name register ( went out of business and they were unable to renew their domain name. In addition Earthlink was unable to change their domain name on their server without deleting their existing sight which meant their web site had to be rebuilt from the ground up. "It should be clear sailing from here," said Jim Garrison Team Leader.  "We have a new server and a new company registering our domain name and things have been going well," Garrison said.              

    Discount Pool Now Offers Unicel Cartridges [Press Release]  Chesapeake, VA September 1, 2010 Discount Pool now offers a complete line of Unicel® Replacement Filter Cartridges.  "In the past we offered about a dozen cartridges from the Unicel® line," said Jim Garrison the team leader at DPW. "Now our customers can choose from the complete collection of Cartridges. There are over 350 different configurations to choose from that covers just about any filter out there and some for filters that are no longer manufactured," said Garrison.  If we don't have the element in stock we can usually have it shipped directly to the customer from the manufacture," the Team Leader said.           

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