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The GlowBuoy is the light that adds life to your pool. Many pool owners do not purchase lighting when they purchase a pool. When they realize that they're not getting as much use of their pool as they could, they are often shocked by the cost and difficulty of adding lighting to their pool after the fact. The GlowBuoy is the answer to your pool lighting challenges - just turn on the switch and toss it in! It's easy and affordable.


Key Features

  • Simple to use. Just turn the switch and toss it in the pool.
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery (recharger included with purchase), GlowBuoy lasts up to four hours between charges.
  • Designed to last for years of normal pool use.
  • Won't damage pool lining as it contains no sharp or abrasive features.
  • Designed to withstand hard pool decks and the rough-and-tumble of children.
  • Won't yellow from sunlight or pool chemicals
  • More than 180 degrees of horizontal light.
  • Completely lights up a 20-by-40-foot pool with a warm ambient glow







GlowBouy Floating pool Light




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